Adventures in Machine Learning

A weekly podcast about machine learning

About the show

  Seasoned pro or complete beginner, everyone can join our weekly Adventures in Machine Learning podcast.  We're covering all the breakthroughs, influencers, and resources of Machine Learning with our venturesome AI panel and guests.  We discuss advanced concepts in plain English. This is the AI podcast you've been looking for.

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  • BONUS: How to do LARGE Volumes of HIGH Quality Work - While Spending Fewer Hours Working

    November 25th, 2021  |  47 mins 22 secs

    Mani provides us with strategies and tactics to get Deep Work time and how to get our minds into that focused state for hours at a time.

  • Tools, Tricks, and Learning in Machine Learning ft. Aliaksei Mikhailiuk - ML 054

    November 18th, 2021  |  55 mins 29 secs

    Aliaksei Mikhailiuk joins the Adventure to discuss the tools he wishes he'd mastered before getting his PhD in Machine Learning.

    However, the conversation meanders through his background, what qualifications people should have, algorithms, and approaches to machine learning along with the tools discussion.

  • A/B Testing with ML ft. Michael Berk - ML 053

    November 11th, 2021  |  48 mins 43 secs

    Michael Berk joins the adventure to discuss how he uses Machine Learning within the context of A/B testing features within applications and how to know when you have a viable test option for your setup.

  • Data Paradoxes in Data Sets with Pier Paolo Ippolito - ML 052

    November 4th, 2021  |  58 mins 23 secs

    Pier Paolo Ippolito joins the adventure to discuss some of the paradoxes or counterintuitive generalizations people make about their datasets. Ben, Chuck, and Pier dive into how to look at statistical data and how to identify trends in the data.

  • Testing Your MLOps - ML 051

    October 28th, 2021  |  56 mins 27 secs

    The panel jumps in to attempt to break your mental build regarding testing your ML Ops. They advocate for good testing practices around your code and systems and discuss how you can reliable test the various parts of your applications including your Machine Learning models.

  • Deploying Your Machine Learning Models with FastAPI ft. Ahmad Mustafa Anis - ML 050

    October 21st, 2021  |  52 mins 1 sec

    Ahmad Mustafa Anis joins the adventure to discuss how he deploys his Machine Learning models using FastAPI.

    FastAPI is a system for connecting and running Python programs. If your model is built in Python, you can use FastAPI to deploy to Heroku or similar services.

  • Monitoring and Evaluating Data Sets ft. Emeli Dral and Elena Samuylova - ML 049

    October 14th, 2021  |  47 mins 36 secs

    Emeli Dral and Elena Samuylova joins the Adventure to discuss the tools they have built to monitor data quality to determine where data problems occur, what they mean, and how to fix them.

  • The MLOps Community with Demetrios Brinkmann - ML048

    October 7th, 2021  |  57 mins 7 secs

    Demetrios Brinkmann joins the adventure to discuss how he build and supports the MLOps Slack community and online meetups. He goes into the community, moderation, running meetups, sponsorships, and much more.

  • How to Build and Organize Production ML Solutions ft. Conor Murphy - ML 047

    September 30th, 2021  |  1 hr 9 mins

    Conor Murphy joins the adventure to explain how he approaches new problems from customers at databricks and how he helps customers see their way past issues with their current solutions to get the outcomes they want.

  • Using AI to Make the LifeCycle of Software Development Easier ft. Antonio Alegria - ML 046

    September 22nd, 2021  |  1 hr 2 mins

    Antonio Alegria is the head of AI at Outsystems. He leads the effort to find ways to use AI to augment people's experience building software. He joins in to talk about how Outsystems approaches exploring and implementing
    AI to make the lifecycle of software development easier.

  • Multi-modal AI and Machine Teaching ft. Slater Victoroff - ML 045

    September 16th, 2021  |  1 hr 20 mins

    Slater Victoroff joins the Adventure to discuss mutli-modal AI and machine teaching with the panel. He starts out explaining what multi-modal AI is and how it works. The conversation goes deep before veering into Machine Teaching.

  • AI Assisted Development ft. Sydney Lai - ML 044

    September 2nd, 2021  |  1 hr 16 mins

    Sydney Lai joins the Adventure to discuss how she and her colleagues build AI assisted features for developers and how that they handle scenarios that they can't always plan for.