Cows, Camels, and the Human Brain - ML 058


January 20th, 2022

44 mins 38 secs

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About this Episode

What do cows and camels have to do with the human brain? The latest developments in machine learning, of course! In this episode, Michael and Ben dive into a new white paper from Facebook AI researchers that reveals a LOT about the future of modeling. They discuss “cows and camels”, the question of predictive vs causal modeling, and how algorithms are getting scary good at emulating the human brain these days.

In This Episode

Why Facebook’s new research is VERY exciting for AI learning and causality (but what does it have to do with cows and camels?)
The answer to “Is predictive or causal modeling more accurate?” (and why it’s not the best question to ask)
Not sure if you need machine learning or just plain data modeling? Michael lays it out for you
What algorithms are learning about human behavior to accurately emulate the human brain in 2022 and beyond